Fairbanks Hackathon

A public forum to organize and encourage the growth of a hacking community in Fairbanks Alaska. Fairbanks Hackathon website and events allow passionate hackers to collaborate, connect and tackle interesting problems. The Fairbanks Hackathon GitHub organization allows the community to collect and iterate on ideas and challenges relevant to interior Alaska.


We want Fairbanks Hackathon to be an open and inclusive community. We have a public GitHub organization for projects managed by the FBXHAX community. Our website, both the source content and site hosting, is on GitHub as a public repository.

If you do not already have a GitHub account create one and we encourage you to star, or even watch, our website repository on GitHub.

You are encouraged to help us improve the website through reporting bugs/ideas/content on our issue tracker. Even better learn how to hack directly on the website.

Fairbanks Hackathon Website is a public repository and hosted on GitHub. Feel free to help us improve it.



Fairbanks Hackathon provides the community a few methods of connecting with each other:

Fairbanks Hackathon GitHub organization

Fairbanks Hackathon has a Gitter FairbanksHackathon Lobby chat channel. We use this to help plan events and provide a central chat channel during events. Just need a GitHub identity to join!

We also use our issue tracker to collect and organize hacking ideas for hackathons. If you have an idea or problem you think would be great to be put forward during a hackathon event toss it into our website issue tracker.



Support for the Fairbanks Hackathon community as a component in the growth and diversification of a local civic hacking community, technology industry, and the Fairbanks economy.

University of Alaska NSF EPSCoR

Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation

UAF Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization

Alaska Small Business Development

Alaska DevOps Slack - a chat community for systems, developers, and enthusiasts of DevOps.